// Huntly Cameron
Picture of Huntly wearing an ironed shirt - quite a rare sight

All about me

That’s me, I’m Huntly. Pleased to meet you!

Who am I?

I’m Huntly. Pleased t… I’m a web developer with about 9 years of professional WordPress experience working for a close knit design agency based in the Highlands of Scotland, focusing on crafting bespoke, beautiful, quality websites that users love to visit and clients love to work with.

I’m passionate about all things tech related, but I lean more towards web technologies with a side embedded technologies.

What do I do for the day job?

I’m primarily responsible for helping the design team turn their designs into fully functioning websites. Being part of a smaller team allows me to cover all of our dev stack in any given day which includes:

  • SQL
  • PHP/WordPress
  • Gutenberg Blocks/React & ACF
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

What do I do for fun?

I like to try out lots of things, some stick, some do not. At the moment this is my (non-exhaustive) list of projects:

Electronics/Low level programming:
I'm building an 8-bit computer from scratch to plug gaps in my basic computing science knowledge
Games Programming (Python/Basic):
I'm getting into making silly games for the Raspberry Pi/Amstrad CPC to experience a different style of programming than just the usual CRUD style web development I do for the day job
Have been at this for a while - still aiming for the "perfect" loaf!